some moments i captured on some black and white negative film.
on the road with red engine caves // feb '14
timmy took this one of us on our last day in bondi
 i sweet talked my way into the media area at the bowl-a-rama. more images of pedro barros will be seen in something i'm working on, here he is lazy backside tail sliding between gigantic airs
bondi streets
rock climbing between hangovers, come downs, heart breaks and head banging
i woke up on the beach with mitch and ralf next to a pile of charcoal at 4am,left them there, stumbled back to the car, car is not there, walk in circles in this not so hilarious situation then spot the car parked halfway into a bush, timmy and ricky sound asleep next to it in the tent castle.
frontside fifty fiftying round the bend in practice
an abandoned hotel on a cliff in the south
drunk and lost in an airport. heres me and timmy waiting for ralf
mitch watching the chicken cross the road. sipping cold water in thirroul
packing the wheels in the rain in bondi
petrol stops, beef jerky and a good old game of wizard sticks
ralf with his busted nose from the gig the night before at the old faithful beach burrito. we share a smoke out the front of lister's studio
ricky with some new flair. op shop in a quiet town by the sea
ricky enjoying a smoke on the top of the world
the first night in town, the owner of the captain cook hotel calls to say greenday is doing a surprise show and not to tell anyone! just before the red engine caves set the place filled up with people smooshed against the walls and every surface dripping with human sweat. mmm mmm!
the vans van at the comp.
pouring own with rain, packing the car for the last time. home time

All images were shot on a canon ae-1 w/ a 24mm f2.8 lens on delta 100 film