these are a few photos from my solo exhibition "dear diary" that was projected at FOAM's EP launch of "The Feeling Is Mutual". all the images were shot on this shitty 35mm point and shooter i picked up for $4.50 at an op shop. we used this camera to shoot the cover of the album.

 skipping the line at club 'red sea'
 luke and liam, sacrificing something we won't name. satanic skater style
 don't stress. buy your house with us and you'll end up like this guy ^^
 cowboy in the eh commodore

 this is FOAM's manager and one of my best friends. as you can see she had a rough morning
 the notorious 'jenny from the blowwck' crashing our pre-drinks before the rolling stones played.
 bubble queeny
 pikachua splat by 'i'm the boss'
 'so you guys sell drugs in there...right!' subiaco mum's attempt of humour. don't worry conservative 6008er's we're leaving soon and taking our offensive art with us.
 in one end, out the other.
mitch parry from the wheelers of oz revealing wally and wanda